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How will Brexit Affect Your Building Project?

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

Irrespective of personal political views the Brexit result has resulted in a short term feel of uncertainty across the world markets. However aside from macroeconomics, central bank fiscal policy and political manoeuvring, what are the impacts on the self-builder?

Ultimately the personal drivers for building your dream home to your bespoke requirements will not have changed. If you need to gain space or downsize, these factors will remain unchanged. Early predictions from the economists are that early response to the Brexit decision and market instability may be interest rate reductions. This may provide the opportunist an ideal window to secure a cost effective finance deal and for the long term saver a nod toward a new build property as a long term investment.

Undoubtedly we must all remain optimistic and see how things develop over the next few weeks, as Harold Wilson once said “a week is a long time in politics”. I would recommend a read of the recent response of various industry commentators in the Homebuilding and Renovating magazine for an interesting viewpoint on the Brexit decision.

Pride in the Job

Pride in the Job

Svenskhomes are delighted to receive the NHBC’s recognition for the quality of our offsite construction / sustainable building techniques, where we concentrate on thermal performance and energy efficiency. The Westleton property received an A-Rated 95 EPC which is quickly becoming our standard EPC result.