Environmental responsibilities

Building for a sustainable future

A healthy life requires a healthy home. Svenskhomes timber frame homes offer you the healthiest living environment. Furthermore it is sensible to build houses that meet high standards of energy efficiency. Whilst reducing environmental impact and adhering to our strict environmental responsibilities.

Svenskhomes strive to take on the challenge of supplying luxury timber frame houses, while remaining conscious of our environmental responsibilities. The protection of our environment remains at the core of our company ethos. The Svenskhomes building system is made to the highest standard whilst using high quality timber. Our timber is only sourced from well managed and sustainable resources. All of our supply is under the close scrutiny of certified forestry control. Subsequently adhering to ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ and the ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’ guidelines.

Timber is the only mainstream 100% renewable building material. Far from depleting natural resources, increased demand for sustainable timber increases the demand for sustainable managed forests. Wood offers the best thermal insulation properties and the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material. Three tonnes of CO2 can be saved by using a timber frame solution from the average 20 tonne CO2 footprint of a typical 3 bedroom detached house. Ultimately wood sourced from sustainably managed forests can actually be better than carbon neutral.

In order to protect our environmental future, Svenskhomes will always take responsible purchasing very seriously.