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Highest Specification

Our homes are built to the highest specification and are resistant to the extremes of the Scandinavian climate. Subsequently, rest assured that your Svenskhome will be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, comfortable and warm.

The benefits of timber frame are multiple and fast becoming recognised within the UK building industry. Not only does timber frame deliver excellent energy efficiency but also an acoustic performance that outperforms masonry. In terms of its durability, NHBC records indicate that timber frame homes tend to perform better than their masonry counterparts. Timber frame is also a sustainable solution; beacuse timber is possibly the only renewable resource in the construction sector and contains less embodied energy than comparable building materials.

Exceeding current UK building regulations and certifiable by NHBC or LABC Structural Warranties, the Svenskhomes pre-insulated timber frame building system is the ideal solution for your building project.

Thermally Efficient >

Thermally Efficient (U-Values)

We produce a construction solution that delivers exceptional thermal performance. Because high performance insulation is key, we use insulation levels of 240mm in the walls and 295mm in the roof as standard. Our wall system is combined with our factory pre-installed triple glazed windows and doors, hence delivering exceptional efficiency levels.

Striving for an A-Rated home, starting with better insulation consequently resulting in lower energy bills.

The Perfect Blend >

The Perfect Blend

Luxury and functionality without any compromise on quality; Built to the highest Swedish specification. Subsequently our homes are luxurious, spacious, comfortable and naturally warm.

Our wall sections are pre-manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory, with triple glazed windows, doors, 240mm insulation and vapour barrier pre-fitted. The Svenskhomes system uses the latest techniques in modern methods of construction, which drastically cuts down on the on-site build time and consequently reduces costs.

Depending upon the size, your home could be 1st fix ready in just two weeks.

The Reality >

The Reality

Within just twelve weeks from delivery you could be living in your completely finished Svenskhome.

Realise the dream of luxury living space tailored to your lifestyle. Furthermore the highest build quality, combined with A-Rated EPC performance, could result in zero running costs.

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